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Helping individuals and organizations to define their own ambitions and to develop strategies for success accordingly – that is the goal that has led me to found my own company: ambitionize.

ambitionize stands for the discovery of particular ambitions, the analysis of the possibilities and risks they may bring with them, and their focused realization by strategically taking effective action. Discovering, analyzing, and taking action – it’s simple.

We all have our own individual ambitions. For some of us it’s to reach the next level in our careers. For others it’s the successful completion of a project, or taking the bold step to work independently to realize their own vision.

Ambition is also a key catalyst for teams and organizations. Whether you are aiming to re-work your brand portfolio, to mobilize innovational strength, or to orient yourselves more closely according to your clients: once you’ve established your ambition, we develop the tailor-made strategy to take you there.

Innovative thinking and analytical depth, empathy and a keen eye for realistic outcomes – I combine a variety of talents and skills for developing strategies to your benefit. With more than 25 years of professional experience, preceded by years of political work, a training as Associate Certified Coach, and as a mother of three children with a multi-national career, I offer you expertise, life experience and tailor-made solutions for your individual or organizational challenges.


Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching: What is your ambition, and what are you struggling with? Together we mobilize your abilities so you can live the life you strive towards.

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Coaching, or: “get what you want!”

Making the next step in your career, solving conflicts productively, implementing your chosen strategy within a complex organization – these are typical concerns we handle with coaching. They are often tied in with deeper questions you might be dealing with: how do I want to interact with others, what is my ambition in life and how can I live each day with fulfillment and motivation?

As your coach, I will help you find your very own answers to these questions and I am there to support you in choosing your individual ambition. From there, we will work together on viable strategies, finding the necessary resources for them, and on mobilizing the power to let your ambitions become reality. I will accompany you on your journey to achieve your ambition on every step of the way, offering you my experience, energy and empathy. You will find in me someonewho approaches you without judgment, who sees you and your competences, and who supports you in your ambition without reservations.

How do I become your coach? Just send me an email via We’ll agree on a date for the first session (on the phone or in person) to get to know each either and speak about your goals for and expectations from coaching. This will form the basis for my proposal for a format (I have been very successful in coaching via telephone), a time frame and length for your sessions, as well as the attached costs. And then we’re ready to go!

Values & Ethics


Women@work: Individual coaching, group training, and motivational presentations help your organization to realize the full potential of women’s talent and to reduce the obstacles that might be standing in the way of this goal – for the benefit of your business and everyone within it.

To everybody’s advantage

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“It’s so remarkable that as a woman you’ve achieved all of this!”, “Wow, you have three children?”, “Having managed such a career as a woman, and you don’t even behave like the men do…!”: these are just a few statements that have consistently accompanied me throughout my professional career. And behind every statement lies admiration, skepticism or sometimes both. Every time I heard them uttered, what I received was also the signal that my path is not conventional or self-evident for a woman to take. And time and time again, I nevertheless decided to continue this path – because it allowed me to learn, to grow and to have fun. But the fact that I would encounter less and less women the ‘higher’ I climbed never sat well with me, and it’s something I’m committed to change. That’s why I’m particularly eager to offer individual and group coaching for women, where in addition to individual questions we tackle the most typical obstacles women may encounter when climbing the career ladder.

Core themes of the “women@work” programme:

  • Understanding the stereotypes and how they work to mutually inhibit us
  • Becoming aware of your own stereotypes and how they influence your behavior
  • Discovering, testing and internalizing counter-strategies
  • Presentation and interview training

Strategy Pitstop

Pitstop Strategies, Brands and Markets: With my clear vision and decades of experience with data piles, endless presentations and powerful opinions, you’ll be impressed at how quickly we arrive at the points that are crucial to you. I personally deliver an individual, practical, and effective solution to your particular challenges.

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Pitstop Strategies, Brands and Markets
You’re interested in hearing an independent opinion regarding your team’s proposed strategic options? You have the feeling your project proposal is lacking analytical depth? What’s really going on with the most important brand of your company? Do you have the impression you need someone who can easily adapt to your demands, your staff and your tools without trying to implement their latest model or to secure the next five project deals for the idle staff? Someone who uses models and generalizations only when it actually benefits you, by increasing your degree of insight, improving your speed of working or saving you real costs? These are all situations I can help you with.

Step-by-step process of pitstop:

  1. Briefing and orientation: in a first meeting, we find out what your ambition is
    and where your struggles lie.
  2. Project proposal (time frame, costs, potential involvement of additional
    resources or third parties).
  3. Data review and analysis, interviews, participating in meetings.
  4. Presentation of results (this can take the form of individual conversations, a
    presentation, or a workshop).

My goal is to complete this service over the course of two weeks, ideally in even less time.

Potential content for the presentation of results:

  1. Assessment of your data and analytical rigour of your previous work
  2. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  3. Which possibilities and options do you have within your future decision-
  4. Recommendations for actions to be taken

“The consumer is boss”

“The consumer is boss”: Whether you are in the process of determining which consumer group your business should target, deciding how to adjust your business to external demands, or attempting to organize your own internal market research, I can help you with your strategic questions regarding applied market research.

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“The consumer is boss”
Whether you are in the process of determining which consumer group your business should target, deciding how to adjust your business to external demands, or attempting to organize your own internal market research, I can help you with your strategic questions regarding applied market research. For the past 25 years, I have been fascinated by the scientific methods that give us an insight into the human psyche and the resulting effects this has on our markets, and have consequently been extensively researching how we can use this knowledge to entrepreneurial advantage. Whether that means optimizing advertising strategies, adjusting product pricing, or more effective training of sales teams – the possibilities are numerous and remain endlessly intriguing.

“The consumer is boss” includes a diverse range of potential themes:

  • Inspirational presentations regarding the rationale of “The consumer is boss”
  • Neuroscience and the brains of our consumers
  • Role and structure of your internal market research
  • Integrating market research into your decision-making processes
  • Review of your method portfolio and of the strength of individual methods
  • Optimizing the reputation of your market research
  • Competency model for your market research staff
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your market research
  • How to accompany and support entrepreneurial innovation?
  • Which KPI from market research do I need for business leadership?
  • “Big data”: Relevance and potential demand for action for your business


What others say

What others say:

Florence Marie Guesnet

2016: Associate Certified Coach, trained at MMS.

2011 – 2015: Global Senior Director Consumer & Market Intelligence. Heineken NV, Amsterdam

2009-2011: Vice President Market Research and CRM EMEA Estee Lauder C ies (ELC), Paris

2006 – 2009: Head Business and Brand development Melitta Holding, Minden


Married, three children
Associate Certified Coach

2003 – 2006: Head “New Business Development Europa”, Melitta GmbH, Minden (Germany)

1991 – 2003: Associate Manager to Associate Director in Consumer & Market Knowledge at Procter & Gamble, Schwalbach, London, Genf.

German – mother tongue;
English – fluent; French – fluent;
Dutch – basics

In December 2015 I completed my coach training with Motivation Management System (MMS), I am certified by the ICF as Associate Certified Coach. I was personally trained by Cherie Carter-Scott, the ‘mother of coaching’, who has been a coach herself since 1974.

From the very beginning of my training I have been coaching professionals in high-ranking management positions, as well as students, doctors and musicians, supporting them to discover their own ambitions and to develop effective strategies for turning them into reality.

I am continuously furthering my skills and training, In May 2016 I have completed a master class with MMS and I am part of a supervision group of coaches.

The focus points of my coaching are: Leadership in complex, transnational organizations and projects. Career planning and orientation. Improving performance and increasing efficiency. Integrating female talent. Balancing family, career, and life transnationally.

In 2011, I joined Heineken NV as Senior Director Global Consumer & Marketing Intelligence with a special mission: The Chief Marketing Officer had asked me to propel Heineken’s global and central market research to a world-class level. When I chose a new path in 2015, we had modernised the major tools and we had created a motivated and high performing international department. We were frequently solicited by other Market Research functions on our break-through thinking and projects (e.g. global market share reading, global knowledge library, neuro-science experiments etc). In 2014 we were awarded with the ‘Marketer of the Year’ Cannes Lion Award 2015.

How was this transformation possible?

A clear ambition and an effective strategy for CMI contribution towards the company and its marketing function. Recruitment of internal and external top-tier professionals, capable of leadership on a competence-based and personal level. Rigorous implementation of state-of-the-art methods on a global level.

What were the main elements supporting the growth of Heineken NV?

Management of portfolios

Optimizing the brand portfolio (between one or up to 15 activated beer brands per local market) through the intelligent combination of external client data, internal analysis and trend perspectives.

“One version of the truth”

Standardization and globalization of instruments measuring boni-relevant KPI and strategic assets (e.g. brand strength, innovation power, market shares etc.)

Orientation towards the future

how to premiumize brands, what the significance of ‘craft’ is for the mainstream beer market, how to use global urbanization towards business growth, and which consumer trends we should address through innovation.

Inspiration through local experts

through training, conferences and intensive mentoring of colleagues in the different national markets, we created an enthusiastic, high-performing and cooperative ‘community’, capable of overcoming the typical malaises of matrix organizations.

At Estee Lauder Companies Europe in Paris, I was responsible for Market Research and Customer Relationship Management on a Europe-wide level from 2009 to 2011. My main contributions to a business growth of 5% p.a. included the development of relevant skin care products, training of decision makers in customer orientation, the introduction of new ‘in-store experiences’ and the integration of diverse CRM-systems.

In the Melitta Holding in Minden, Germany, I was responsible for the strategy planning of the Melitta group for an increase of the Operating Margin. In addition, I lead the integrated digital presence for the Melitta brand for three distinct Operating Units and chaired various strategic initiatives in local markets. A further task was the introduction of an innovation monitor and the execution of an international marketing conference.

At Melitta Household Products I led Market Research and Innovation from 2003 to 2006, successfully carrying out the introduction of efficient processes, trend-scouting and product development up until “Gate 2” (proto-typing).

My thirteen years of market research at Procter & Gamble could truly fill an entire book on their own. The short version is this: I started out in Schwalbach im Taunus in 1991, moved to Egham, England in 1995, transferred to Geneva in 2002, decided to leave the company in 2003 to continue my career with fresh impulses in Germany.

The high efficiency and level of performance at P&G, as well as the company’s continuous drive to innovate and optimize made a lasting impression on my own professional ethos. Having amazing female role models in leading positions inspired me to combine my career and family. I thus not only gave birth to three children during this period, but was also the first person in P&G’s European market research to be promoted to Associate Director in under ten years.

How did I do it? Visible contributions to business results, constant innovation of methods and/or processes and traceable development of the next generation of talent. Everything that gives me satisfaction and fulfillment up to this day.
And of course a very special husband, an extended family and friends who support me, believe in me and want to see me happy.

Companies and Brands I worked for

Companies Brands 
Procter & Gamble Pampers
Melitta Haushaltsprodukte Blend-a-med
Melitta Holding Clerasil
Estee Lauder Companies Pantene Pro-V
Heineken International Always
Hugo Boss Düfte
Helmut Lang Düfte
Estée Lauder
Bobbi Brown
Strongbow Gold

MMS/ICF Certified

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