Seven good reasons for coaching


“I really believe I can do much more than I am currently assigned with. I have a PhD, I am smart and eager, my projects are running smoothly. But as an Innovation manager in this company, I find myself in a job that utilises only 60% of my capacity – my boss is micro-managing in an organisation with slow progression. As results are under pressure, cost cutting is looming and my projects might slow down. I want to change.” exclaims Susan after a short introduction in our first phone conversation. Feeling “too big for the job” is one typical reason for clients to book me as their personal coach. Here are some other motivations do I hear about?

  1. What shall I do, I cannot decide! For high performers many options occur during their career, tempting offers may compete at one moment in time – which is the offer I should go for?
  2. How can I get rid of my perfectionism? I am exhausting myself and those around me by never being satisfied with my output. At the same time, these high standards got me to where I am today. Where do I go from here?
  3. Actually, this is not what I wanted. Suddenly you find yourself in a life that you had not intended. Many singular decisions and events in the past led to where you are today. And it doesn’t feel like the right place. At all.
  4. Too big for the job. It feels like you are not contributing, impacting, leading at the level you are capable of (see Susan’s intro conversation). You want to use all your potential and you are looking for new levers to do so.
  5. It should be lighter and easier. Financial burdens, family demands, pressure at work and potentially health challenges lead you into a vicious circle of dissatisfaction and overstretch. You want to move towards a healthy, happy, balanced life.
  6. Too much politics at work. I am looking for great content, in a result-orientated culture where people collaborate for great success. What can I do to make that happen at our office?
  7. I am somewhat tired of listening to myself, work issues follow me home. My wife claims that our home is really crowded with all the people from the office I don’t stop talking about. I may shut my mouth, but the debate continues in my head. And it goes in circles, with no resolution.

These are the most prominent examples why people start coaching with me. Coaching supports you in creating new solutions for your life. Here, you can reflect on your thinking, feeling and behaviour. We are looking for new answers and you choose actions and next steps so you can get the life you want to live.

P.S.: Coaching ist no psychotherapy. Whoever needs therapy should engage with a therapist. If you feel that coaching is right for you, look for a certified coach. If you want to have an orientation of what I do as a coach, this is where you can find time with me: